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Easy-Helix, LLC offers the following construction and design tips and ideas for the Easy-Helix™. We would appreciate it if you would share your suggestions with us and your fellow modelers.


Start and finish any grade outside the Easy-Helix™.


Stagger all joints between Easy-Helix™ pieces and any additional roadbed and track.


Good track work is a must. Track joints should be soldered and feeders added as you build.   Keep tie spacing at joints to a minimum. Test all track as you build.


Model railroading has embraced multi-deck design to obtain longer and straighter mainline runs. The island layouts of the past have given way to the shelf layouts of today. Many of the hobby's leaders have begun to dismantle their large island layouts in order to replace them with linear designs. Linear designs also allow modelers to more readily incorporate the other state of the art design and operating features of today's hobby.

A helix is a design tool which allows modelers to gain elevation in a confined area, and permits every modeler to add another deck, staging or fiddle yard to their layout. The application of the helix to model railroading is not a new concept as modelers have utilized the helix as part of their railroads for years.

Every modeler will benefit from the addition of an Easy-Helix™ to their layout.

* Longer Main Lines
* Multi-Deck Designs
* Concentrated Grade
* More Prototypical Operation
* Flexible Applications
* Stand Alone Layout Module

Easy-Helix™ is a cost and labor saving tool designed to save time, provide certainty in construction and consistent tolerances, and eliminate the industrial look of a home-made helix.

Easy-Helix™ provides a commercially available solution to helix construction problems.



Roadbed to Roadbed:  4” Spacer Tubes are inserted between levels.


Track Spacing

HO Gauge 20 Scale Feet Double Track
N Gauge 18 Scale Feet Triple Track
O Gauge 11 Scale Feet Single Track, Distance to Spacer Tubes


Standard Radius

Inner 28.000 Inches
Center 29.375 Inches
Outer 30.750 Inches


Easement Radius

Inner 44.000 Inches
Center 45.375 Inches
Outer 46.750 Inches

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