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Frequently Asked Questions

1. What scale is the Easy-Helix™ ?
The Easy-Helix™ is not scale specific. The radii and clearances are designed to permit use with multiple scales.
2. Can I paint the Easy-Helix™ ?
Yes, use any plastic compatible paint checking first for compatibility.
3. How do I adhere track or additional roadbed to the Easy-Helix™ ?
We use a plastic/cork compatible caulk for our roadbed and track. Certain contact cements
and spray adhesives will also work. Check first on a spare piece to ensure any adhesive does
not attack the plastic. Follow manufacturer's safety instructions when using any adhesives.
4. Should the joints between pieces be glued?
The need for strength at the joints depends on the chosen construction method. Joints may
be glued together. 
5. Should I use the nuts, washers, and lock washers at each joint?
Hardware at each joint is recommended but not absolutely necessary depending on your construction technique.
6. What are the track spacings and outside clearances for the Easy-Helix™ ?
HO: 20 scale feet (Double Track)
N: 18 scale feet (Triple Track)
O: 11 scale feet (Single Track) (distance to spacer tubes)
7. What is the spacing between decks?
Roadbed to Roadbed Standard 4-inch spacer tubes (HO)
8. What are the radii of the markings on the Easy-Helix™ roadbed?
Inner: 28-inches
Center: 29.375-inches
Outside: 30.75-inches
9. What are the radii in the larger Easement/Transition curves?
Inner: 44-inches
Center: 45.375-inches
Outside: 46.75-inches
10. What is the thickness of the Easy-Helix™ roadbed?
The roadbed has a slight profile and is 3/8 thick at its thickest point.


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